Black Ops 4 features multiplayer action

By Rueben Gonzles - Video Game Warriors

The latest Call of Duty Black Ops aims to connect gamers around the world with its latest installment.

BlackOps4willbethefirsten- try to not include a single-player campaign, and will instead focus on online multiplayer.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is the fifth entry into this series and the 15th entry to the main Call of Duty franchise.

The reason for the shift in di- rection is due to the supposed lack ofinterestandtimeputinbyplay- ers for a single-player campaign.

The game will feature a more refined multiplayer system; its fo- cus will be on tactical gameplay as well as the player's choices.

It will see the return of Spe- cialists; these are soldiers with special weapons and traits that can give a player a small edge on competition. There will be six returning specialists and four new ones in Black Ops 4.

Black Ops will see the re- turn of some fan-favorite maps: Jungle; Slums; Summit; Firing Range and Nuke Town. All the maps will be available first day except for Nuke Town.

The game also has a classic game mode in Zombies, which has been opened up to custom- ization, which should give play- ers a more personalized feel to their play.

Players will be able to mix things up with more than 100 varied mutations that can make the game harder to last longer.

Black Ops 4 will be the first game to have two very differ- ent storylines for their Zombies game mode, one named "Voy- age of Despair" and "Mob of The Dead."

The biggest change and an- other franchise first, howev- er, will be the new addition of Blackout, Call of Duty's own take on Battle Royal-style games.

The game mode will feature playable characters from every Black Ops title entry, and the inclusion of several vehicles.

Of course, zombies are still included in this game mode, with random zombies spawn- ing in certain areas of the map, which players can kill for Zombie-mode themed items.

These items can be some- thing fun and simple like the Cymbal Monkey, all the way to the Ray Gun.

The map for Blackout is the largest map in any Call of Duty title. Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has

three special editions to order: •Deluxe Edition, $100, which comes with 2,400 Call of Duty points (these are used to get rare crates for special items in game), Black Ops Pass "Classified," a Zombies Experience available at Launch, four additional all-new Zombies experience, 12 multi- player maps, and four exclusive Blackout characters.

•Pro-Edition $120, which

can only be purchased through GameStop comes with Black Ops Pass*, Steelbook, Pop Sock- et, 10 Specialist Patches, three Zombies Inspired Collectible Art Cards, 1,100 Call of Duty Points, and a Call of Duty En- dowment (C.O.D.E.) Calling Card (This is a non-profit for which Call of Duty donates all the money to veterans to get them better jobs and help them move on after they return home).

•Mystery Box Edition $200 is packed with a bounty of goodies, including a collectible Mystery Box, 4 Exclusive Zom- bies Figurine pins, an Exclusive Zombies Puzzle, Darkhorse Zombies Comic with Exclusive cover, three Zombies litho- graphs, a Call of Duty Black Ops four Pop Socket, collectible Steelbook, and 10 physical Spe- cialist Icon patches.

The pre-order bonus through GameStop include the Divinity Signature weapon and the Di- vine Justice weapon by complet- ing in-game challenges.

The game drops Oct. 12, so there is only one more day for any pre-order bonuses.

Treat your console with honor

Ubisoft's For Honor is releas- ing some new download con- tent next week, which will add new game modes, a new faction, and a new single-player and two-person co-op PVE mode.

The new faction will intro- duce the Wu Lin faction from Ancient China. They have trav- eled west in order to claim their right as the next dynasty.

This will introduce four new playable classes: the Shaolin, the Tiandi, the Jiang Jun, and the Nuxia.

All of these classes are geared

toward certain play styles for players to master.

Also, coming will be the new game mode, Breach, which brings the campaign-style mis- sions to the multiplayer portion of the game.

Players will try to breach a castle guarded by the opposing team and a garrison of troops. The castle will have ballistas, a fire cauldron, and archers who can spell disaster for the invad- ing force.

The attacking team has a large battering ram to knock the doors down and kill the cas- tle's lord.

The game will also get a ma- jor graphics boost to give dra- matic detail to the world.

The download content will cost you $30 and comes with pre-order bonus of elite outfits for the new faction heroes. The new additions land Oct. 16 and is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

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