Hawkins has more in store for tennis

By Keiona Trimmer - Staff Reporter

Highline No. 2 singles player Kenzie Hawkins said she has big plans for her tennis career.

Hawkins has only been playing tennis for the last four years.

 She is excelling this season with the little bit of experience she has under her belt.

Hawkins won the No. 2 singles braket at NWAC Championships this season. 

In it's first year of competition, the ladies took home second place overall behind Bellevue.

Hawkins plans to continue with tennis, despite the little experience she has. 

"I started playing tennis my junior year of high school and haven't stopped  since," Hawkins said.

Hawkins, who is only a freshman, said she started playing tennis for fun.

 However, it became a passion, Hawkins said. 

She said she relishes the competition, and the satisfaction of seeing herself improve as a player. 

Hawkins was inspired to come to Highline because she wanted to be a part of bringing back the tennis program. She also wanted to come to Highline to experience tennis on a college team, but wanted to have the small setting atmosphere in the classroom at a community college. 

On the court, Hawkins says that nothing gets her down, and she is always motivated to be a better athlete.  

"As a teammate I always encourage others by supporting others no matter what," said Hawkins. 

One thing Hawkins is wanting to get better at is her mental game. 

"I get psyched out when I am playing a really competitive game. Sometimes this affects my consistency and ability to think strategically," Hawkins said.

Hawkins said one thing she enjoyed most about this season was having Head Coach Laura Rosa help the whole team focus to become successful as a whole. 

"Because of this we all supported each other, we were all focused and determined to be a good representation of Highline," Hawkins said. 

Her academic goal is to get a degree in education. Hawkins says she wants to be a physical education teacher at an elementary school.

For now, Hawkins wants to continue her tennis career in hopes of playing for a D2 school, and continue to play for USTA, a tournament league. 

In her spare time she wants to be able to coach tennis for a high school or college team. 

Hawkins will still be playing for Highline next year, and she is hoping for a championship next season.

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Hawkins has more in store for tennis

Highline No. 2 singles player Kenzie Hawkins said she has big plans for her tennis career.

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