Primer, Tiruneh win student vote

By Ellie Aguilar - Staff Reporter

Vanessa Primer had been elected as Highline's new Student Government president.

Primer won with 55 percent of the votes or 282 votes, over Michaella Clemming who had 42.5 percent of the votes or 218 votes.

Mahlet Tiruneh won the election for vice president.

Tiruneh won 53.4 percent of the votes or 274 votes, over Byung Min that had 43.7 percent or 224.

Primer will replace James Jackson as the new student body president. Tiruneh will replace Gabby Fuller as the vice president. 

 "It's really hard to get students motivated to vote, especially when they are set in not voting… so when people are willing to listen and say they are going to support you it means a lot because every vote really counts," Tiruneh said.

The elections held on May 10 and 11 had a total of 513 electronic ballots submitted. The turnout was consistent with last year when 512 students voted. 

"Voter turnout was kind of low. Out of the 17,000 students only about 500 students voted but it's always low because it's hard to get students interested," said Tiruneh.

 "I attribute my success to the people that supported me, like TRIO and the people in my program that constantly were encouraging me to run," Primer said. She said she hopes to deal with issues that affect every student at Highline.  

Both Primer and Tiruneh said they want to be the voice of the students for all issues that concern them whether they be big or small.

One issue both Tiruneh and Primer want to address is open educational resources.

Open educational resources are materals that you can access online for free to replace traditional textbooks. 

"I think open educational resources are so important and I think teachers should be taking advantage of that resources that we have. Teacher have the power to use them they just have to look for them," said Tiruneh. 

She said that to achieve this she will be talking to teachers to motivate them to use open educational resources.

Primer also said she believes that open educational resources should be used in classrooms. 

Primer, Tiruneh win student vote

Vanessa Primer has been elected as Highline's new Student Governmnet president.

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