Portfolio Show prepares students for creative fields

By Kenai Brazier - Staff Reporter

Highline students will be displaying two years of hard work during the 2017 Portfolio Show.

Students from the Graphic Design, Drafting, Multimedia, Interior Design, Ceramics, and Photography programs have been working this quarter to put on the portfolio show that will take place June 5 and 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m and 5 to 8 p.m. on both days.

With only five classes left until the show, the students persevered through the process of completing and compiling work that they had done in their respective classes for the last two years.

Interior Design student Amanda Engel said that "The most important part of a portfolio is that you show the diversity of all the skills you have."

However, this is just the fundamental basis of what students have been learning throughout their time spent in the class, another student said. 

 "Not only did we learn to create our portfolios but we learned how to present ourselves and our creative works to employers," said Interior Design student Ivanna Miakota. "As you go back to projects from the past two years you realize that there are things you would do differently now and that can be challenging to handle."

 "The key point to remember is that employers don't just want to see the final product, they want to see how you got there," she said.

Graphic Design student Lauren Bonck agreed. 

"It's interesting to see the changes from my first quarter up until now," she said.

 "The biggest challenge has been wondering if I will get it all done in time. I broke my nose and missed a week of class so I was behind schedule, Bonck said.

One of the most prominant topics that the students in the portfolio class spoke of was time, because ultimately the work shown will be used in order to become employed, so being late is not an option. 

"The portfolio class teaches a critical skill that anybody entering a creative field will need," said the Art and Design Program Manager Tamara Hilton. "There are many things that could go wrong during this process, I've seen jump drives break, printers stop working, colors that don't print right, or even entire computers being stolen, so making sure not to do things at the last minute is a necessary skill." 

Overall the students said that portfolio class is a platform that students can use as a base to build off of as they continue outside of the program itself.

"Even once the class is finished, a portfolio is something that I can constantly add to and make better in order to show employers," said interior design student Daniel Kristiansen. 

"The goal when making a portfolio is to show your taste and style so that people can see the uniqueness in your work. Anybody coming can expect to enjoy amazing work, many other talented artists are presenting this year, and even the photography and ceramics students are participating this time around," he said.

The event will take place in the Mt. Constance and Mt. Olympus Rooms located in the Student Union, Building 8. 

It is open to all.

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