A Taste of the World

By Chikako Murakawa - Staff Reporter

Highline's Arcturus have fresh pages and a fresh start this year.

Arcturus is an annual literary journal that Highline students can submit their work to, and potentially get published. 

"As long as the college has been here, since 1961, Highline has had a literary magazine; the name Arcturus came about closer to 25 years ago," said Susan Rich, an English professor at Highline.

Rich, along with teaching, has taken the position of faculty adviser for Arcturus, following the previous faculty adviser Sharon Hashimoto.

"I have wanted to work on Arcturus since I came to Highline College to teach. It's thrilling to finally be on staff with a superb group of students," said Rich.

This year's edition has more than 80 pages of poetry, prose, artwork, and photography.

"The editors of Arcturus, as well as the designers, are all Highline students," said Rich.

The editors enroll in a two-quarter, three-credit class to work on Arcturus.

"The first quarter is spent reading, annotating, and then debating submissions. Near the end of the first quarter, we start organizing it and talking with the print shop," said Cindy Ngo, one of the editors for Arcturus.

"In the second quarter we decide on the cover, designs, and which types of paper we'll use.

There are 44 people that have worked on this year's edition of Arcturus, including the editors," said Ngo.

They received over 100 submissions, and only printed a handful.

 "It has the same types of content as past issues," said Ngo. "This is a milestone year, because we're doing a lot of new things."

"We're branching out with publicity through social media," Ngo said. "The Arcturus is a dark, tucked-away gem. There are constantly people coming and going, so they don't have enough time to really get to know all of what the college has to offer."

Their website is Arcturusliterarymag.highline.edu, where their Twitter and Facebook accounts can also be found.

31 of those chosen were poetry, and 16 were art or photography.

On June 8 in Building 2 at noon and 6 p.m., the 2017 issue of Arcturus will be released. 

At the launch party, attendents will see a slideshow of the artwork in Arcturus, receive a free copy of the issue, and the editors will be hosting a question and answer session.

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