Experience art while sipping wine

By Winter Dorval - Staff Reporter

Experience an immersive display of artwork and a wide array of wines at the Wine and Art Walk on May 13 in downtown Des Moines.

The Wine and Art Walk, sponsored by Destination Des Moines, will be in conjunction with the Des Moines Yacht Club's celebration of the opening of the South Sound Boating Season.

"The goal is really activation of space and awareness of our amazing public art that is on display throughout the year along the Marina Promenade and throughout Des Moines," said Jill Andrews, a member of Destination Des Moines.

"On May 13 we encourage people to take a self-guided tour of the public art, and then come up Marine View Drive South to see the local artists on display at the Waterland Wine & Art Walk," she said.

 Destination Des Moines organizes and advertises events in the city of Des Moines.

It benefits the entire city because not only do the businesses get a boost from the visitors these events draw, they also get recognition and extra advertising, said Andrews.

The Wine and Art Walk is disguised as a kickoff for the Poverty Bay Wine Festival kickoff to help bring the public's attention to local artwork.

"The first one was on Feb. 23, and it was so successful we decided to bring it back," Andrews said.

The wine tastings are $1 each. The Scotch and Vine restaurant will be open to provide food.

It will run from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The locations will be John L. Scott, Flora Laura, The Scotch and Vine, and Via Marina.

There will be donation buckets in all four locations. 

"The donations go directly to the Waterland Events, which are free and family friendly," Andrews said.

The money collected funds the Des Moines firework show as well.

There is free parking along the downtown Marina District.

There is public art along the marina, and the same day is the spring opening for the yacht club season.

The public art and sculptures are changed and updated every couple of years by the Des Moines Arts Commission. 

"We want to bring people together in the community, to restore the vibrancy of Des Moines," she said.

"The September Wine and Art Walk will work in conjunction with the Des Moines Arts Commission Arts Gala," Andrews said.

People looking for ways to support these events, and this community can volunteer, make donations, and become members.

For more information about this and other events in Des Moines, you can visit www.DestinationDesMoines.org, and info@destinationdesmoines.org.

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Experience art while sipping wine

Experience an immersive display of arwork and a wide array of wines at the Wine and Art walk on May 13.

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