Soccer team looks for talent in off season workouts

By Tim Mochylo - Staff Reporter

Coming off last fall's NWAC championship, Highline's women's soccer team has proved itself a great place for students who are interested to play at a high level, the team's coach says. Highline coaches recruit their players from all over the country.

"We go to three major events each year. One is a player showcase in [Las] Vegas, we go to Surf Cup on November nights down in San Diego, and then we go to a College ID Camp in Hawaii, part of the Hawaii Surf soccer club over there," said Highline Women's Soccer Coach Tom Moore.

"Everything else is pretty much we go and watch local games but we have a lot of four-year coaches that contact us about kids that couldn't get into their programs and then they send them our way and would like to place them here for a year or two before they go back to that school. That's the main part of recruiting," he said.

Last season the team went 13-0-1 in the league and won the championship. So, many players are interested in playing for the school, he said.

"And I think just because our program has a lot of success, we have a lot of random kids contact us because they want to play at a high level or they think this is the pathway for them to get into a four-year school," Moore said.

Coach Moore has developed connections over the years with other colleges and bigger schools that has led to great opportunities for his athletes.

One of the ways Highline tries to help its athletes is to produce highlight videos of its players.

"We put together highlight videos for every kid, and send it out to every coach in the nation, at every level. Every year they get that right after the playoffs and they're able to access and watch the highlights, and they'll contact us back if they like a kid," Coach Moore said.

Many students have different opportunities to go play at different schools and at different levels after they're done with their time at Highline.

"Each year, we've had every sophomore have multiple opportunities to go and play. Sometimes they choose not to play because they're done, and a lot of times they get to choose between what kind of schools and where they're at," Coach Moore said.

Some players have many choices to make regarding what school they are going to play for after they're done at Highline.

"One of our forwards, Bianca Acuario, had a chance to go to a few Division I schools. She visited the University of Iowa, the University of Cincinnati, and SMU so she visited a bunch of different places and got to decide what she wanted to do," said Coach Moore.

Acurio chose the University of Iowa.

Other players who have gone on to higher levels include Jasmine Brilliante, who chose Evergreen State, Neo Vande Loo, who chose Grambling State, Bella Keane, who chose the University of Indianapolis, Jocelyn Hanrath chose Lamar University, Sara Olanda who chose the University of Nevada-Reno, Jenna Jensen, who chose Eastern Oregon University, and Tori Morton, who chose Seattle University.

All of them had at least five schools to choose from.

"The last couple of years we've done a very good job at getting our kids off to four-year programs and getting scholarships. I would say that there are only about three programs in the entire conference that actually are able to do that," Moore said.

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