Students give thanks for their mothers

By Thunderword Staff

Mother's Day is around the corner and students are celebrating what makes their moms special.

Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday of May after being made a national holiday in 1914.

Many students are planning to spend time with their family, buying gifts, and sending flowers.

"For Mother's Day I am going to my uncle's house to have brunch with my grandparents, mom, and sister," said student Helen Mattson. "I am lucky to have such a supportive mom."

"My mom works for a school, so I'm going to deliver a bouquet of roses and take them to class," Matthew Nguyen said. "Then on Mother's Day I'll take her out to dinner."

Pheng Kim, who is an international student, plans on calling his mom.

"I am going to call her and say, 'Happy Mother's Day and I hope you can pass your interview to come here and don't forget to send money,'" he said.

Ceramics professor Rob Droessler also said he plans on calling his mom.

"My mom lives 2,000 miles away," he said. "I'll probably call her and send her a card."

Some students are celebrating the holiday for the first time, as many parts of the world do not celebrate mother's day.

"I didn't know about this, but now I will send her something," said Takumi Kami. "Probably some pictures and some work out clothes."

Some of the gift ideas were more nontraditional.

"She sent me this link to a baby Groot thing on Amazon," said Josiah Gallardo. "I'm probably going to get her that."

Shaheed Rahman said he wanted to surprise his mother, but couldn't keep his plan a secret.

"I'm personally not going, but, I am sending my mom and my little sister to the Bahamas for like a week," he said. "My mother really needed a vacation. She works a lot."

He said the entire trip will be about six days.

"Because of that, there was really no way I could surprise her," he said. "I really want to tell my mother that I'll always be there for her, and I want to invest in her as she's invested in me."

Mother's Day is also an opportunity to thank mothers for all their hard work, love and support.

"I appreciate how my mother has always been my shoulder to lean on and my biggest support system throughout my life," said student Logan Arntzen. "She is always there when we needed her most and never fails to provide my family with unconditional love and compassion."

"She's a sweet, kind lady," student Brandon Rosario said of his mother. "She's helped me a lot and I'm very appreciative."

"I would thank her for everything she taught me, since I definitely wouldn't be as responsible without her," said student Alexis Jensen.

"I just love how she's so open-hearted and accepting of me, who I am, the people I hang out with," said student Kiel Walker. "She just inspires me to be better."

Alisa Bodenner is excited for this year's Mother's Day, as she will be celebrating many special ladies in her life.

"My daughter's birthday is coming up too, so we are going to be with family and we plan on celebrating it all at the same time," Bodenner said. "Also I am honestly really excited to celebrate both my mother here on Earth, and my heavenly mother this year."

For some, Mother's Day is for celebrating mom's strength.

"She's been and important anchor in my life, holding me close to all the things I've held dear," said Highline employee John Thesis. "I appreciate how strong she is after having fought of cancer and taking care of both my father and I."

"I appreciate how strong my mom is and everything that she does for our family," said student Courtney Hughes. "My plans are to make her breakfast, but otherwise, I don't know yet."

For one student, this is an opportunity to share a celebration with his mom.

"I'm buying her flowers because she's epic," he said. "I'm going to tell her that I'm graduating."

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13.

Students give thanks for their mothers

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