Highline pair are in sync at No. 2 Doubles

By Donnie Moore - Staff Reporter

Miriam Cabrera and her doubles partner, Samantha McElwain, have found a connection that has resulted in a really good year of competition.

"All the conditioning, and running and practices are finally paying off. It felt really good. I was really shocked to be honest," said Cabrera about being recently recognized as the NWAC Player of the Week.  

To stay as dominant as the tennis team has this year, they have to stay motivated and ready to play, and they are aware of this.   

"I know during our matches we like to keep the energy up and keep each other motivated and that's what gets us through the match and gets us a win most of the time," said McElwain. "Off the field, we still talk to each other. We are friends outside of tennis and so that keeps us together and on one mindset during the match." 

Being able to play as a double with multiple people on the team and still perform as well as the team has this year, takes bonding and knowing how one another plays.

"We're all a big family. We're not just players to be there. We are all working together, and we'll have team bonding. We'll be together doing random events. Honestly, it's pretty fun," said Cabrera.

McElwain and Cabrera are both interested in pursuing careers in STEM fields . McElwain hopes to further her interest in geology and math, while Cabrera is looking to go into electrical engineering. 

"Nature fascinates me a lot and I have always been an outdoors person," said McElwain. "I went camping with my family every year since I was really young and so I always looked at 'oh what is in the river', and how earthquakes are formed, how volcanoes are formed. Stuff like that is really interesting to me, so I want to further my interest into that and see where it can go."

They both are very determined and passionate about their possible careers in science.   

"I like electrical engineering because I took an electrician program and I enjoyed how everything was wired and how everything connected into one piece. I never really thought about all the processes in the wiring in each building, but it just fascinated me to learn something new," said Cabrera.

The tennis team is in a really good position going into the last game of the year before the NWAC Championships on May 11-12.

"I feel like our season is going to end off really well, especially since the majority of our team is sophomores. So, I feel like we're going to go off with a big bang," said Cabrera. 

Last year the tennis team narrowly lost the championship to Bellevue, 5-4, something McElwain says will not happen this year. 

"We have the experience now, we necessarily didn't last year," McElwain. "We were all freshman, and we were not necessarily up to that challenge. We didn't know where we were standing, and now we know exactly what we need to do. Last year, we could not get it done. This year, I think we can get up to the standard and get it done." 

McElwain and Cabrera have a great connection on and off the field, which leads to them making a great duo as Highline's No. 2 team.

"We have really good communication. So, whenever I know I am not going to get it, she knows to get it," said Cabrera. "And if she misses I back her up. Ever since the first time we played together we had a connection with each other. We analyze everything together." 

The next time the duo of Cabrera and McElwain will hit the court is against Spokane at home, May 4 at 8 p.m.

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