Student Government candidates face no rivals

By Peter Brooks - Staff Reporter

Building 26 will kick off its renovation with a demolition day in two weeks.

The Building 26 project will turn the 42-year-old building into Highline's Health Sciences building. 

Building 26 was previously scheduled to undergo renovation last year, but the capital budget was held hostage in 2017 causing a lack of funds and a delay in the schedule that was set out. 

After a capital budget was passed by the Legislature in January, the Building 26 plan resumed action. 

Once the building is complete, the new structure will feature 46,068 square feet of classroom, lab, office, and study space.

Highline Director of Facilities and Operations Barry Holldorf had previously said that Highline was hoping to go to bid on the project in mid-to-late March. Holldorf also mentioned that Highline wanted to take advantage of the time in which the least amount of students would be on campus during July. 

However, demolition of the old building is set to start on May 7 at noon. 

Holdorf said that although demolition will be happening, a large portion of it will be taking place inside of the building. 

"It will be intense selective demo. There is a lot of demo to take place," Holdorf said. "[It will be] mainly inside, but there is a portion of demo to some sites in and around the building that will take place."

Holdorf said that although people will be on campus when the demolition is happening, there won't be any concern for safety or loud noise.

"There will be noise and vibration when we conduct the demo. The levels I am not sure of noise-wise, but we will try to mitigate that as best as possible," Holdorf said. "When we pile into the ground for new columns to support the new additional square footage we are adding, there will be noticeable noise." 

Demolition day is free and open to the public, and will happen right outside of Building 26.

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