Highline is a great school

By Thunderworld Staff

Highline is an awesome place to go to college.

Many students that have been fortunate enough to choose Highline as their starting point — and sometimes ending point with the possibility of a four-year degree — have discovered just how awesome it is.

An independent online publication, College Choice, recently affirmed what many Highline students have already discovered: this college is a great school to attend.

The college was ranked 42nd on a list of the 50 best community colleges to attend in the United States.

The colleges were ranked for their first-year retention, three-year graduation rates, credentials, diversity, and mirnority graduation rates.  

 A lot of the credit probably goes to the staff and faculty for creating an environment where students can not only pass their classes, but thrive in them.

The faculty at Highline are good at being available to offer advice and help with assignments, in class and during office hours.

If you're struggling, they're there.

Staff and advisers do a great job keeping students on the right path to succeed.

Highline is a very diverse college, something the college is very proud of, and has adapted programing to give students an additional boost for success.

Beyond the normal classes, the college offers programs aiming at providing minority students with additional tools for success, such as the Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander Services Institute program and the Umoja Black Scholars program.

AANAPISI aims to mentor and advise the Asian and Native American Pacific Islander students at Highline to give them a better chance at completion.  

Umoja Black Scholars program has similar goals, and offers African-American and other students extra support in advising, counseling, tutoring, and financial aid and scholarships.  

With the success rate for college completion being lower for minority students, these programs provide the extra support that some need to be successful.

The college deserves praise because without the support that it offers, it probably wouldn't have made it on a list of the best.

Good job Highline.

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