4-20 blazes its way onto campus

By Thunderword Staff

Students appear to be putting the high back into Highline.

Many students admit to smoking marijuana on campus but most of those only go as far as smoking in the parking lot or on trails near campus.

"I've come to class high. But it's overwhelming because I don't go to class high very often, and when I do, I'm really baked so I'm scared of smelling like weed," one student said.

"Almost half the time while I was taking classes at Highline, [I would come to class high]," another student said. 

"I smoke weed I would say like three times a week. I've also never smoked it on campus but I've gone to class high a couple times," said Zico. 

"Hell yeah, I smoke at least twice a week and I have definitely come to class high before," Vitaly Huk said.

"Yeah, I've smoked it in my car on campus, does that count?" asked Huk.

Highline Public Safety Officer Frankie McKeever said it does.

"Smoking marijuana on campus is legal by state law, but illegal by federal law," said McKeever.

"We adhere by the fed [federal] law, because we are a government-funded institution. Students seen smoking [marijuana] on campus run the risk of being arrested and are at risk for being expelled," said Officer McKeever.

Highline Policies, Procedures and Guidelines does not specify whether being under the influence is legal here on campus.

In terms of its legality, according to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board weed can only be purchased and used if you are over the age of 21. Additionally, the usage of marijuana in view of the public is illegal.

Meanwhile other students smoke pot for fun.

"I smoke it once or twice every two weeks," said one anonymous student. "I do it recreationally just as a way to relax with friends."

"I do it at parties just to have a good time, it helps to lighten the mood," said another student who wished to remain unnamed. 

For one student, it "allows the barriers to come down." They said, "I have ADHD, so it helps me listen, and study.

"People who go to class high can take tests better because they aren't second guessing themselves."

Other students said that they had never smoked weed before for various reasons. 

"I'm a Christian so I can't," said another student who wished to remain unnamed. "It goes against my beliefs." 

While blowing the smoke from her cigarette, another student said "I could not smoke weed even if I wanted to. I'm an international student so I would get in trouble if I get caught."

Reporters Jo Robinson, Winter Dorval, Kenai Brazier, Sarah Michelli contributed to this story.

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Student passes out in North Parking Lot

An older student was found unconscious in the North Parking Lot on April 13 by Public Safety. Reports were that the individual tripped and fell, hitting their head on the pavement. The student was then transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment.

Honda filtched

A 1997 Honda Civic was stolen in the South Lot on April 13 at 1:20 p.m. Des Moines Police showed up on scene and took a report. It is unknown if the vehicle was ever found. Public Safety advises students with a 1990 to early 2000 Honda Civic or Accord models to purchase a wheel lock because those cars are easy money makers for thieves. Some Honda models have few universal keys, making those cars very accessible too.

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A nursing student accidently injected himself at 9:10 a.m. on April 14 with a real epi-pen in class when he intended to use a prop. A medical call was placed and the student was checked out by medics. The individual did not suffer from any complications and made a full recovery, according to Public Safety.

Way too buzzed

An intoxicated male was found by Public Safety locked out of his vehicle in the South Lot on April 14 at 6 a.m. Des Moines Police responded and the man cooperated with authorities. The man said he was having a dispute with a roommate and he was trying to get away. Des Moines Police offered to drive the man home, but he declined and a friend of the man picked him up. The man was not indicted by police.

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