Do what you can to help the environment

By Thunderworld Staff

This week is Earth Week on campus. Presenters and events will all focus on the environment, and what can be done to help protect it and preserve it for future generations.

The simple fact is that the climate on earth is changing. Years are getting warmer, the sea levels are rising, and storms are getting stronger. These are simple indisputable facts that 97 percent of scientists agree are being caused by human activity. 

Too often people feel helpless in this. People think that the only way that we will solve the climate crisis is by making drastic changes. How will one person taking a shorter shower fix the fact that every year is warmer than the last?

When President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord last year, many people felt that we were hopeless in solving this crisis, and that that was the nail in the coffin for the environment.

But we are not doomed. A lot of little changes can make a big difference. Simple things, when done by everyone, will add up and help fix this problem.

On this Earth Week, do what you can. While it may seem like you are not making a meaningful difference, every little bit helps. Nothing is small enough to make it not worth doing. A small difference is bigger then no difference.

The lessons we learn from Earth Week shouldn't be something we do once a year and then forget about, like New Year's resolutions. These are simple things we should do the whole year whether it is April or October.

Earth Week should just be a reminder and a refresher on how to help. But by doing what you can to help the environment, you will help the environment. If we look at helping the environment as a team effort and band together on it, then we will be able to make a difference.

Often people only talk about helping the environment when it is in the news, and then once it is out of the limelight they forget about it. But helping the environment shouldn't be something that people need to be reminded of.

If people conserve year-round, they will forget that they are conserving. It will simply be a lifestyle.

When you feel the urge to take a 20-minute hot shower, know that by simply cutting it down to 10 minutes you are helping save the environment for future generations.

When you want drive by yourself to work, consider carpooling with someone. This will help both save money and the environment.

And while it can be tempting to fall asleep with the T.V. turned on, by simply turning it off you are conserving energy.

None of these are major life changes, but all of them will help. If everyone does their small part, then the results will be more than anyone can imagine.

So on this Earth Week and every other week, do what you can to help the environment. No change is too small to help.

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