Show and tell comes to spring History Seminar

By Matthew Thomson - Staff Reporter

   History Seminar a nearly 10-year staple at Highline. 

History Seminar was started by Dr. Tim McMannon in Spring Quarter of 2009, running continuously to now.  

Dr. McMannon said the reason for History Seminar's success is "I copied Science Seminar," finding a model that worked and repurposed it to suit his goals.

One new thing Dr. McMannon will be adding this quarter is something he calls "History show and tell," a segment where people would bring in family heirlooms or anything that could connect us to periods in history. 

For exampled, Dr. McMannon has a letter sent to a family member from Wiemar Germany.  Due to hyperinflation this letter was covered in postage stamps; Dr. McMannon counted 80 stamps on the letter.

Dr. McMannon said he has no trouble getting people to come to History Seminar.  His trouble comes when he needs a presenter's topic. 

Dr. McMannon said the most popular History Seminar sessions tend to be those that cross disciplines.  Average attendance is around 20 or 30 people, whereas a multidisciplinary subject may bring in as many as 75 persons.  

Examples of cross disciplinary subjects this quarter include The History of Plastics, by Dr. James Peyton on April 18, and World of Cruisers, Seattle 1924, by Jules James on May 16.

History Seminar is at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays in Building 3, room 102. All presentations are free and open to the public. 

Other presentations this quarter include: 

Married….ish, THE Place and Purpose of the Royal Mistress in the European Royal Courts of the 16th-19th centuries, by Rachel Bledsaw on April 25.

Dr. Ben Gonzalez O'Brien, TBA on May 2.

 Yarinid Valez-Hernandez will be presenting "They said make it look prosperous so we put cement all over it," about Puerto Rico's infrastructure on May 9.

 History show and tell on May 23.  

Magna Carta, by Highline history professor Dr. Teri Balkenende on May 30.  

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