New clubs hopes to help you be somebody else

By Reuben Gonzales - Staff Reporter

Samantha Bartlett isn't always herself.

Sometimes she is Vanellope von Schweetz. Sometimes she is Miraculous Ladybug.

Bartlett likes cosplay, and is starting a new club at Highline to share her passion with the rest of campus.

Cosplay is the practice of dressing up as character from pop culture or literature that the person enjoys, costumes can either be built or bought. The love of the character or the creation can be the main reason most people get into cosplay.

Bartlett, who has been cosplaying for six years, has a real passion for it.

"My confidence went way up because I ran five photo shoots during the last convention and that made me believe I can run a club here," Bartlett said.

"There is a real need for this on campus," said Bartlett. "I want to create an inclusive community for introverts, for people who don't feel they have people to go with."

The idea behind the club is to help people with brainstorming and with small tips and tricks on "builds". Builds are just a way of saying your created costume. 

"It wouldn't be straight up building costume meetings. We would also show members where to buy the better materials and pre-constructed costume pieces," said Bartlett.

Cosplay is only part of the whole idea, as she wants to make sure awareness of the smaller conventions is made available. 

"It's where the real community is built," said Bartlett. She uses North West Convention League to keep up with all the smaller conventions. 

The cosplay community draws inspiration from every part of culture and everyday life.

"I have 10 anime and 10 movie characters," said Bartlett. "I also have two video game characters. I once went as Peach after playing a lot of Mario Odyssey."

"I once made a Cruella Deville because I saw a dress at store that was closing and thought I could totally pull this off," said Bartlett. 

The list of costumes she has made ranges from Disney's Merida and, Ursula, and anime characters such as Totoro. 

"I use anything I can get my hands onto," said Bartlett.

If you interested in learning more about the club or the convention community, Samantha Bartlett can be contacted at

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