Explore the galaxy through music

By Winter Dorval - Staff Reporter

Travel to space with The Planets conducted by Anthony Spain at the Auburn Symphony's next concert.

"This is our first multimedia presentation, so we are very excited. We're calling the concert The Planets: A Multimedia Extravaganza, because we are playing Holst's The Planets and featuring live visual accompaniment for symphony by Seattle artist Adrian Wyard," said Natalie DeFord, communications manager for the Auburn Symphony.

This concert was first performed in 2015.

"For this particular season, we are having guest conductor Anthony Spain, of the Northwest Symphony Orchestra, and he has worked with Adrian Wyard and done the multimedia performance of The Planets with him before," said DeFord.

The concert will be on April 29 at 2:30 p.m. at the Auburn Performing Arts and Events Center.

Wyard specializes in pairing orchestra concerts with visuals, she said.

The concert will convey "that music is powerful, especially when you combine visuals for an even more immersive experience," said DeFord.

This concert will be the last in the symphony's 2017-2018 series.

"Attendees should expect to be blown away. The visuals will be absolutely stunning, the music will be beautiful, and together the two should create a very dramatic, and emotional experience," said DeFord.

"The visuals will be comprised of dazzling space imagery, including animations, photos, and videos from NASA spacecraft, satellites, and more. 

"More than just a slide show or a video, these visuals will be performed live. Wyard will be timing everything beat by beat to the live music of the symphony."

The two pieces included in this concert are The Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofé, and The Planets by Gustav Holst.

"Grand Canyon Suite will be first (no visuals) and about 30 minutes. Intermission is 20 minutes, and the presentation of The Planets will be about 55 minutes," said DeFord.

 Ticket purchases help fund the symphony's education programming and community outreach, she said.

"We have such high ticket sales that this is guaranteed to be a huge community event," DeFord said.

 The Auburn Performing Arts and Events Center's address is 702 4th St. N. E., Auburn.

Tickets are $37 for general admission, $30 for seniors, and $10 for students.

To purchase tickets call 253-887-7777 or visit auburnsymphony.org.

For more information visit auburnsymphony.org.

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