Four vehicle collision injures one

By Krista Gaines - Staff Reporter

An accident involving four cars took place at the entrance of Highline's East parking lot and landed one person in the hospital. 

"We were dispatched to the incident at 1:37 p.m. on April 4," said Officer Chad Stillwagon of the Des Moines Police Department.

 A brown Honda Accord rushed to turn into the parking lot and was t-boned by a GLC 300 SUV Mercedes. The impact was so hard that it shattered most of the windows in the Accord. The Honda was thrust into a black Toyota Camry, which pushed back into a white Acura.  

This catastrophic fender bender left the Mercedes and Honda totaled. 

The entrance and exit to the east lot on South 240th Street were blocked off for more than an hour. 

Being at fault, Stillwagon said the owner of the brown Honda was given two citations. One, for failure to yield; the second ticket was for not having insurance. 

The Honda driver was transported to the hospital for injuries from the accident. 

Backpack theft

A backpack containing a laptop was stolen from the Library on April 4 while the student was in the bathroom. 

Sgt. George Curtis said theft is the number one issue on campus.

 Because Highline is an open campus, it is very easy for thieves to come onto campus, he said.

"Some thieves walk around with backpacks to blend in on campus," Sgt. Curtis said.

He advised students to not leave their things unattended. 

 As the days grow longer and the rain subsides, he said he expects crime to increase. 

"Criminals are too lazy to commit crime when it's dark and rainy out," Sgt. Curtis said.

This case was referred to the Des Moines Police Department. 

Spring break joy ride with HC van

A maintenance cart was stolen from Building 99 over spring break. The vehicle theft occurred at 10 p.m. on March 30. 

"The maintenance trucks normally have push-start buttons," said Sgt. George Curtis. 

This joyrider didn't go too far, as the vehicle was recovered at the New Alaska Trailer Park on South 240th Street, south of campus.

 A public safety officer recognized the cart the next morning while patrolling International Student housing.

The thief was not identified.

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