Kratos takes on Norse Gods in 'God of War 4'

By Reuben Gonzales - Staff Reporter

The Gods will feel your wrath in Santa Monica Studio's God of War 4.

God of War 4 is the eighth game in the franchise and the sequel to God of War 3. 

Sony aims to reset and rebuild one of its biggest franchises with God of War 4, as Kratos, the main protagonist, sets his sights on the Norse gods.

The game takes place many years after Kratos fought Zeus in the previous games in the series. He now lives with his young son Altreus. They live in the lands inhabited by the Norse gods, who are taking steps to be ready if he was to attempt anything like his actions on Olympus.

Kratos is trying to live a normal life but finds himself thrust back into the life he just left for some unknown reason. 

Altreus is barely learning of his father's dark past, while figuring out who he wants to be as he grows up. 

Kratos will not be using his double chain blade in this game, as he lost it in a previous game. Instead he will be using an axe called the "Leviathan Axe" that has been shown on cover art and multiple trailers. 

Kratos will also have the use of a shield that can be used for both offensive and defensive moves.

This iteration in the series will not just be adding weapons but also the camera angle will be slightly different. The camera angle will no longer be third person cinematic (locked-in view of the screen) but third person free-roaming (ability to move the camera around), allowing the player a better viewing capability.

The game will also will also be open but not completely open-world, in the sense that players will have both storyline bosses and quick-time events. 

The stun meter, once filled, will allow the player to grab the enemy and perform a special move on them.  Enemies will now have two meters above their heads-one for health and the other for stun.

Santa Monica the developer, also got rid of the multiplayer option that was introduced in previous installments. The entire game was shot in a single shot, eliminating load screens and fading to black.

Pre-ordering any edition of the game gives you three in-game shield skins. The game comes in four different editions, Standard, Digital Deluxe $70, Collector's $130, and Stone Mason $150 editions.

The Standard edition comes with just the game and can be digital or physical copy and nothing more.

The Digital Deluxe comes with the game, God of War #0 by Dark Horse Comics, Dynamic theme, Death's Vow Armor Set, and Exile's Guardian Shield Skin. 

The Collector's edition comes everything from the Deluxe edition, plus a 9" Kratos and Altreus statue, a cloth map of the game world, and 2" Huldra brother carvings. 

The Stone Mason edition comes with everything listed above plus Defender of the chosen shield skin, Stone Mason ring, Mimir's head talking keychain, and 2" horse and troll carvings. 

The game is set to release April 20, so grab your mead and get your Rokt Fisk and take down the Norse gods.

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