T-Birds finish the season with a win

By Chentay Warnes - Staff Reporter

The T-Bird men's basketball team ended their season with a win, with record at 7-7 (13-15 overall), in the NWAC West Division. 

On their sophomore night,  Highline beat the fourth-place Tacoma 63-48. The top scorers were Jamie Orme with 28 points and Austin Anderson and Jared Murphy with 8 a piece. 

In the first half Highline led 34-32. In the second half, the T-Birds scored 29 points and Tacoma scored 16. Tacoma's top scorer was Kahliel Wyatt with 12 points. 

The T-Birds led in rebounds 47-41. The top rebounders were Orme with 15 grabs and Jeremi Hanks with 7. Tacoma's top rebounder with 11 grabs was Ravion Bell

Highline made 29 points for their second chances. Tacoma only made 16 points. 

The T-Birds made 35 percent of their shots, 67 percent free throws and 30 percent three-point shots. Tacoma made 28 percent of their shots, 75 percent in free throws and 25 percent in three-pointers. 

The men's team is saying goodbye to Jamie Orme, Val Wilson, Jared Murphy, Cass Matheis, Trey Edwards, Austin Anderson and Markese Jackson. 

"We have received four verbal commitments and are recruiting hard for next year," said Coach Dawson.

"We recruit locally and in other states. Over the years we have had players from Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho and Alaska," said Coach Dawson.

During the season Highline was the best defensive team in the NWAC but the worst team on offense, allowing 66.5 points per game but scoring only 66.6.

"We have a great group of guys who represent the program well. But we have to get a lot better on the court. The season was unacceptable," said Head Coach Che Dawson. 

This season the top scorer for the T-Birds was Orme, who was 15th in the NWAC, averaging 19.09 points per game. He was also the second best rebounder and the fifth best blocker in the NWAC averaging 10.77 rebounds per game and 1.59 blocks per game.

Anderson was 13th in the NWAC for assists, averaging 4.15 assists per game.

Val Wilson was 18th in three-pointers for the NWAC making 41.8 percent of his shots.

The top rebounders for Highline were Orme with 237 grabs, Wilson with 129 and Desmond Hudson with 102.

Orme led in blocks with 35 and had 37 steals. Hudson had 15 blocks, Anderson had 36 steals and closely behind with 32 was Wilson.  

"I'm excited about the opportunity to continue my athletic career," said Val Wilson, who hopes to move on.  

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A physical altercation and hit and run occurred on Monday. Highline Public Safety responded to two students who were involved in a physical altercation in the East lot on Feb. 27 at 1 p.m. At the same time a hit and run occurred, the driver was identified by Highline Public Safety and no injuries were reported. The incidents remain under investigation.

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Two students got into a heated argument outside of the bookstore on Tuesday. The students were outside of the store, and were arguing for an unknown reason. Highline Public Safety arrived and separated both parties on Feb. 28 at 12:45 p.m. Reference to the physical altercation in the East lot on Monday was made. Both students left without incident.

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