Spring job fair returns to Highline

By Katie Cummings - Staff Reporter

Find a job for spring or summer at the Spring Job Fair next week.

Career and Student Employment is hosting the fair on Wednesday, March 15.

The Spring Job Fair gives job seekers an opportunity to meet with more than 50 employers from a variety of businesses and industries.

Some of the employers who will be attending include Comcast, Franciscan Health System, IKEA, Airport Jobs, Sears and the Seattle Police Department. Many community homes and insurance agencies will also be at the job fair.

"Employers are looking for some sharp candidates, ones who are prepared," said Chantal Carrancho, the program manager for Career Services at Highline.

Businesses will not only be looking for full-time workers, but also people to fill part-time jobs and internship positions.

Some skills you would need to know are networking skills, how to present yourself to employers, what to wear, and what type of things are needed, such as what questions you want to know about the company, what jobs they have available, and some job search skills in general, said Carrancho.

"All those skills will be combined into one class to help [job seekers] be successful at a job fair," Carrancho said. 

You can attend a workshop to practice those skills and to help you to better understand how to interview for a job.

At 1 p.m. on Thursday, March 9, CASE will host a Job Fair Preparation Workshop. A Resume Essentials Workshop will be Tuesday, March 14 at 1 p.m.

Registration for workshops can be done at studentemployment.highline.edu.

"Here at the CASE Center, we offer mock interviews; we can provide some questions that are most commonly asked in the interview process, and we can help to maximize and make your answers more in-detail," Carrancho said. "So when you do answer these questions, you'll be impressing the employer and also showcasing all the skills that you already have."

Some tips for people with interview anxiety are to be confident and identify some of your weaknesses so you know what to work on, said Carrancho.

"During job interviews, students may feel like 'I'm not qualified' or that 'I don't have the skills to apply for this job'," Carrancho said. "Attending workshops will help you gain confidence and to understand more about what [employers] are looking for."

"When I was younger, I was afraid to approach people. I didn't talk as much; I didn't like talking in front of big groups of people. But I learned that that was one of my weaknesses. So, I've learned from that and now I can speak in front of 5,000 people," Carrancho said.

You can prepare for the job fair by constructing your cover letter and resume, and by attending a workshop.

The fair will be in Building 8 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Spring job fair returns to Highline

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