Where'd they all go?

By Jaelyn King - Staff Reporter

You walked into the gym last Jan. 3 thinking of what a great way it was to start off the new year. You were finally going to make a change and improve yourself. 

This was to be the year you were going to be focused and actually succeed, unlike last year. 

The gym was fully packed with people. They were all imagining how their lives and their bodies will be in 12 months. 

Now you're back to the gym two months later. You notice the small crowd, and you realize that you're beginning to lack motivation.  Why?

"New study finds that 73 percent of people who set fitness goals as New Year's resolutions give them up," according to  BodyBuilding.com. 

Most people make a plan and start an exercise program, but quit before reaching their desired results. 

They stop before reaping the benefits. 

So how do you stay committed to an exercise program instead of jumping ship like so many others?

First of all, you must never lose sight of your goal. At first things seem easy, but after a while it can get more and more difficult. 

People like to make plans for themselves, but as soon as things get tough they abandon their plans for the sake of convenience. 

Make your goals a priority. 

If you're on a path to success and you run into a wall, you don't turn around and leave. Break through and keep moving forward. 

When things get difficult just remember why you're doing this. Ask yourself: "Is it worth the pain and the struggle?" 

If so, then keep going, don't give up on yourself.

If you are really driven to do something, you don't need to wait for the New Year. New Year's Resolutions are just a tradition, a way to celebrate the holiday. 

If you really want to make a change it doesn't matter what day it is:

 Make a plan. 

Take action.

Make the commitment to yourself that you will do whatever you need to do in order to reach your goals and aspirations.

It helps to find a program you like. For example, if you want to do cardio, but hate running, try dance or kickboxing. Find what works for you so you can stick to it long term. 

It doesn't hurt to try new things as long as you don't stop trying.

It also helps to have a gym buddy or a professional personal trainer to help and motivate you, but the effort still has to come from you. 

People can help you, but they can't force you to do anything. 

Take control and steer yourself in the right direction. 

Be truly passionate about your goals or find a type of workout you'll enjoy and simply keep pushing. 

No more excuses. If you really want it you will always find a way. Become the person you've always wanted to be.

Jaelyn King is a student in Highline's Personal Fitness Trainer program.

Where'd they all go?

You walked into the gym last Jan. 3 thinking of what a great way it was to start off the new year...

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