Alumnus plans serenade

By Izzy Anderson - Staff Reporter

Alumnus Aaron Torres is returning to Highline to give a performance to showcase his skills as a classical guitarist on April 6.

The performance is in Building 7 at 12:15 p.m. It is completely free and open to the public.

Torres studied in the Music Department at Highline and was mentored by music professor Dr. Ben Thomas. 

"He was in my music theory class and we've stayed in touch ever since, while he was living abroad and traveling around and such," said Dr. Thomas.

After Highline, Torres continued his education in music at the University of Washington, and later Western Washington University. 

"In a way this is a culminating moment, because [Highline] is where I was first inspired to start learning music theory," said Torres.

"He was very enthusiastic and passionate. He loves music and was excited to learn as much as possible. I've seen that continue since he's left Highline," said Dr. Thomas.

This is Torres' first performance at Highline since transferring in 2009. 

"Being at Highline and working with Ben Thomas was a pretty inspirational time for me, Highline encouraged me to continue studying music," said Torres. 

Torres is currently pursuing his master's degree in classical guitar performance in Idaho. 

His interest in the guitar started before college, however.

"My mom made me and my brother learn the guitar as kids. As a teenager, I got into rock music, and eventually I transitioned to classical guitar," said Torres. 

His performance is an opportunity for students to see the result of pursuing a passion in music and sticking to it, said Torres. Even if you don't want to formally study music, taking music classes and attending performances can show you a lot about music you would not have known about otherwise.

"The concert will be an exceptional mix of classical guitar music from Spain and other parts of the world," said Torres.

The concert will include pieces and arrangements originally done by composers Issac Albéniz, Toru Takemitsu, and Fernando Sor. 

For more information about Aaron Torres and his music, visit

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