Finals approaching, study right

The Ethnic of Love - Jovien Robinson

With finals coming up within the next weeks it is important to get your best strategy of success going. 

A lot of people don't know, but there is officially a correct way to study, and you can find that out, just by examining how they learn best. Which probably means you should take a VARK test.

Usually people learn in one of five ways: visually, aurally, by reading or writing, or working with the material. In some cases, people learn almost equally in all five ways, so you should incorporate all of the models in your own way.

This is where the test comes in. The VARK Questionnaire has the potential to bring you from average to exceptional, just by showing you the way you best interpret information.

The first model of studying is for more visual learners, those of us who need to see it to notice it or believe it. Typically, your type would take notes in as many different colors as a human eye can perceive.

If this is you, you probably learn best by associating words, with marks or symbols. It would suit you best to get a large white board, or study in spaces that have them, because you should be translating huge blocks of texts into simple and easy to remember signs, that will incite a phrase or two. 

The second model of studying is for those of us who prefer hearing it. In this model, typically you need to really hear the cadence of a voice, or the inflection from a professor to really get the point.

If this is you it would suit you best to study with others. That way you could teach and be taught all the time, as that is likely your best chance at retaining information, and prove you know the material at the same time.

If you learn best by reading or writing you probably love being able to map out everything on paper with as many of your thoughts as possible. It is typical of your type to have a strong sense of awkwardness while being taught, that is because in order for you to believe the information, you need to verify it all by reading other articles and reasoning it all out yourself.

It is best for you to make time and space to actually do all of this. Your best form of studying is in an environment with as little distractions as possible, as you have the longest road ahead of you.

With this environment 

Kinesthetic learners are the type who don't need all the extra fiddle faddle fodder of a classroom. You most-likely strive to understand things, but struggle to do this sitting down, without a certain spinning object. 

This population of students, should definitely incorporate exercise into their daily routines, as you can work best with a clear mind and calm body. In addition, find study partners who know how to explain information as though it is a simulation.

Study tips for you would be for you to vocalize your need for a concept to be described in real world applications. An example is how we are taught from young how to add and subtract using objects instead of word problems.

Your best shot at studying would be in an environment that doesn't mind your need to move around or fidget. 

In order to take the next step in studying you should remember to study ahead, and give yourself time to absorb the material before the final.

For all studiers, all of your finals prep, or exam preps for that matter, should start at least a week in advance.

Finals approaching, study right

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