Highline student dies from hiking accident

By Colin Phan - Staff Reporter

Memorial services for a Highline student who passed away after falling during a hiking trip will be this Sunday.

Eddie Petrik fell to his death on Saturday morning, March 3. Petrik, who was 16, attended Highline through the Running Start program, and also attended TAF Academy in Kent. 

According to the King County Sherriff's Office, Petrik and three of his friends hiked up the trail known as Rattlesnake Ridge near North Bend, and made their way to the top of the trail, Rattlesnake Ledge. 

Petrik attempted to take a picture of the group, but lost his footing on ice and fell 600 feet off the ledge.

Members of the King County Search and Rescue team were nearby when Petrik fell, and responded quickly. They were unable to save Petrik.

A close friend of Petrik's, Paras Singh, also a Highline student, was taken aback by his untimely death.

"I was shocked. This trip was really routine for him. He was always going on hikes," Singh said. "I was supposed to meet up with him on Friday to work out with him, but it fell through.  I never got to say goodbye." 

Petrik's passing didn't only affect Singh. Petrik's family has felt incredible pain, Singh said.  

"He really loved his family a lot," Singh said. "He always did a lot for his brothers, and they're really feeling it right now. His parents are just devastated."

Singh said that he and Petrik first met in sixth grade. Singh had brought a bag of chips to school and Petrik had asked to have some, and it jump started their relationship. 

Singh said Petrik was one of the nicest people he knew and that was one of Petrik's most prominent traits. 

"Eddie was so kind no matter what," Singh said. "He always liked to give to people. He really impacted a lot of people." 

Singh said that Petrik's kindness was something that touched everyone around him, and a moment with a gift that Petrik bought for a friend embodied just that. 

"He bought a birthday gift for one of our friends. It was one of those Black Panther mugs," Singh said. "When it first came in, it was broken, so he re-ordered it. But our friend dropped it, and Eddie re-ordered it again."

The mug had just arrived over the weekend, and one of Petrik's last wishes was for his friend to receive the mug, Singh said. 

Petrik was very involved with his church, and that being religious was one of Petrik's distinctive qualities. 

"He was really religious. He was really involved with his church," Singh said. "He loved God, and was always forgiving."

Singh said that he and Petrik along with another friend had thought about going into business together in the future. The group of friends aspired to make cellphone applications together.

Singh said that Petrik was an eager business enthusiast, and that he tried very hard in school.

"He was a really great student," Singh said. "He was a really hard worker. He loved business, and computers. We both really wanted to do business together." 

Singh said that Petrik had began buying and selling laptops as a way to start venturing in to business, and that it was something that made himself and Petrik proud. 

"He was a really intelligent guy," Singh said. "He was really humble when he earned his money. He was really proud of that, and I was proud of him."

Singh said that even though Petrik is gone, the legacy he left behind will remain forever. "All the dreams and goals we had, we're going to carry that on for Eddie," Singh said. "Always working on our grades and in school, we're going to dedicate everything to Eddie." 

Singh said that even though there are people still mourning and grieving the loss of Petrik, that Petrik would've told people to keep their heads up. 

"He would tell people to be happy. He wouldn't want anyone to be sad," Singh said. "All of our friends just want Eddie to know that we love and miss him, and that we're going to be there for his family no matter what."

A youth memorial service at the Church of Grace will be tonight at 7 at on 221 Hardie Ave. NW, Renton, WA. 

A main memorial service open to the public will on Sunday at 6 p.m. at the Christian Faith Center, 33645 20th Ave. S, Federal Way, WA. 


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