Plunder the world in 'Sea of Thieves'

By Reuben Gonzales - Staff Reporter

If you fancy yourself some gold doubloons and adventure on the high seas, then Rare Studios' new game just might be what you are looking for.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed game where you and a group of friends will take to the high seas in search of buried treasures and fame.

This won't just be about collecting booty. Players will have to watch out for other groups of pirates, skeletons and the dreaded Kraken.

The crew you assemble will have to work together to sail across the open seas and take on missions voted on by the crew. 

During the missions, you and your band of cutthroats will run across hordes of skeletons keeping you from your treasures. 

Sea of Thieves is a shared-game world, which means groups of players share the world and will interact regularly. 

"The graphics give it a real fun look and who doesn't want to be a pirate?" said Trevor, a student at Highline who has played the beta version.

The game will work with Microsoft's cross-platform play feature allowing PC and Xbox One players to play together. 

Preordering through Microsoft store or on your Xbox gets you the Black Dog Pack, according to the Microsoft website.

The pack includes a flashier character outfit and a musical instrument along with the Black Dog Cutlass, all of which are strictly cosmetic.

Rare Studios is hoping to avoid some of the negativity from micro-transactions that EA dealt with during Star Wars Battlefront 2. Last year EA released the much-anticipated game and it was met with immediate controversy, with the micro-transactions giving players the feel that they had to pay to win.

Micro-transactions are a business model where users can purchase virtual goods with real money, to enhance gameplay.

At launch, Sea of Thieves won't have any micro-transactions but will add them after about three months of initial release. The studio is saying it will introduce micro-transactions enabling players to buy specific items, though no list is available yet.

So, raise the colors, load the canons, hoist the sails, and grab a bottle of rum this game sets sail March 20.

Plunder the world in 'Sea of Thieves'

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