Rate my professor lacks accuracy

By Thunderworld Staff

In terms of accuracy, RateMyProfessors.com receives a score of 1.0 and no chili pepper.

Rate My Professors is an online feedback site where students can offer their review of a college instructor or institution, similar to a product review section.

It seems as though only students on extreme sides of the spectrum comment on Rate My Professors.

Many students say they rely on this website when signing up for a new class schedule and picking professors.

Most times, the reviews are from two types of people – the students who loved the class and professor with every fiber of their being, or the student who failed. Hard.

With reviews of such severity, it hinders the actual analysis of a professor. 

The emotions of loving (or hating) a class may arise from the subject itself, or a student's personal performance.

A recent study conducted by Dr. Helen Burn, a Highline mathematics professor, and her two former students, Leslie Smith and Caitlin Anderson, found several flaws with Rate My Professors.

The group found that the more difficult a class was, the more likely students would evaluate the class or instructor in a harsh manner.  

The website does not often address teaching styles or learning styles, and rarely covers anything other than the professor's homework load or hotness.

A strong sense of gender-bias was also laced throughout the reviews on the website, the researchers said. 

Women were negatively reviewed for being too emotional or suppressing their emotions, which then came off as mean persona. 

The male instructors were expected to be authoritative and fully rehearsed in their subject field. 

Rate My Professors captures the amazing and the awful, but rarely anything in between.

It is better to find out for yourself if you do, or do not, like a class, professor, or college.

It may be more beneficial in the long run when a student disregards the negative reviews and takes on the challenging class.

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