Pessimism out and positivity in

The Ethnic of Love - Jovien Robinson

I don't get why but, I am certain there's been a definite spark of self-deprecating humor and pessimistic outlooks in life. It is killing my vibe.

I want it to stop, it doesn't help me out, or bring me any enjoyment in my life. It sort of just gets me feeling immensely uncomfortable and shows me why I enjoy the presence of like-minded individuals.

I get the allure though. Sometimes the release of a lot of stress is a good thing. 

I'll give the humor that. It adds levity.

I still don't like it though, because it's ingrained itself into every Facebook post, Twitter meme, and Instagram hashtag. I can't enjoy a nice scroll through Suzanne's overly politically charged posts on my news feed, without seeing a picture of a trashcan and someone writing "#ME" over the garbage inside, equating their life worth to rubbish.

I think the joke style, has transformed from adding levity to a situation, to "I am bored let me complain." Boy does Generation Z love to complain. 

I must admit, I have had to stop doing this myself. I realized the negative impact when I started hanging out with a snobby friend group.

In the group, a person could've had a near-perfect score on a test, so well in fact, that the professor smiles at them and says good job, while handing them back their quiz or exam. Yet, you'll still find them complaining just as much as the students who bombed it.

This type of joking isn't self-effacing or a way of highlighting your flaws and exposing your insecurities. Actually, you get this weird self-gratifying pleasure, after you exaggerate your issues in life, and come back to reality. 

You do feel better on the come down, but it doesn't help with much if you're dealing with something real. This sort of humor, in my opinion, really only helps those dealing with trivial problems.

I notice, however, that people try to use self-deprecating humor with actual issues, and I feel like they're only making matters worse.

This is not me saying you shouldn't find it funny to laugh at your own mistakes. In fact, I want to suggest you learn to laugh at your faults or find joy in the process of failing. 

Every time I fall out of whack with something, or think life becomes to arduous. I seek the counsel of family or close personal friends who will understand my struggle. 

I don't know if anyone has a bigger sense of humor than those who have endured great struggle and overcome it. So of course, I learn to get a laugh out or two out with them, while we tackle the problems I face. 

Or even laugh about the poor ways in which I handled them. After that process I start to feel better about life and gain a positive outlook, that adapts quicker to tough situations. 

So, if you are dealing with a stubbed toe or getting a 98 out of 100 on a quiz, I suggest you turn to memes and pessimistic jokes, as those wounds are destined to eventually heal. If you are about to flunk out of your math class for the third time, tuition is due and you have no means to pay it, you might want to find something else to joke about, as you have work to do.

Pessimism out and positivity in

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