Highline is doing well

By Thunderworld Staff

Amidst difficult news and experiences, there is still reason for hope. Highline is definitely still kicking.

It has a certain formula that fosters a student's mind. We just can't quite identify it.

It could be the obvious diversity. No matter where you look you'll always find a person who has a different perspective, culture, language, life experience, or even physical appearance than you.

It's no secret we have a diverse school here, with us winning the 2016 Pacific Region Equity Award and the 2014 Award of Excellence for Advancing Diversity. Even more so, this campus is constantly improving and adapting to promote the success and comfortability of all people here.

We have an increasingly accessible campus, with programs such as Umoja, Puente, Veteran's Programs, Women's Programs, AANAPISI, and TRiO, committed to aiding students whose road through college would otherwise be more challenging, and even a handful of gender-neutral restrooms.

The secret to why we're all at this institution could be its affordability. We have free tutoring programs, less expensive tuition and classes, and plenty of student employment options.

Coupled with classes that fit almost any schedule, in online and in-class courses,  day and night, where you get to look out at the beautiful view of the Puget Sound, it's impactful to not just your mind, but your wallet.

Professors at Highline also want to help. We've got professors with doctorates, masters, some with dozens of years of experience, and a couple who are just wetting their feet.

All of them seem to have a twinkle in their eye, and a passion for their students. They know this may not be your end school, even though we are now offering bachelor's programs, and prepare you for any sort of challenge you'll find at your next school.

Students are challenged here, but there are opportunities everywhere to catch you if you start to fall. Look around any bulletin board or the newspaper and you'll find chances to climb back up to your ideal grade or outcome for the class.

The library has the Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Math Resource Center, MESA, and plenty of Wi-Fi and books too. All of them housed in the same place for your convenience, just waiting for students in need, to take ahold of.

Maybe it's after the study session, that we truly find out why we're here at Highline. The college has a ton of good hands-on opportunities and many clubs. The school has a lot of opportunities to get involved and if you find a lack of desire for any of the cool clubs already being hosted. You could always create new ones.

We have nine phenomenal sports teams too, successful ones that put education first.

It is a requirement to maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average while playing. This apparently hasn't held back too many students as we have already won three championships this academic year.

So, maybe it's the camaraderie or being able to see the diversity of this school, it could be the resources and clubs, or possibly even just feeling noticed in class. Either way, whatever Highline has in the water, it's doing all us students justice.

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