Demands for gun safety a threat to shootings

By Thunderworld Staff

Recent events show us where American hearts truly lie when it comes to school shootings.

As of late there has been a debate about the worth of our children's, brothers', sisters', friends', and gun's lives. People all over the United States are mourning both the loss of children, and of some valiant teachers who gave their lives protecting the students, who fell victim to the school shooting in Florida. 

In response to this pain of loss, there's been a lot of countrywide fear. Some who are fearing the risk of it happening again, and some fearing the threat posed by people trying to do something about it.

After every school shooting, there's been a person who cared so much about those lives that they started to critically think on why or how the children or mentally unstable adults obtained guns in the first place, and some people who've asked for mental health reforms.

Instead of bringing about change like it should, this just brings about more panic and fear from those who care equally, or sometimes more, about the citizen's right to bear arms. This is due to the fear of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights losing their power.

Actually this fear can be justified, as it is the Bill of Rights and the Constitution that give inalienable rights to us citizens of the U.S. So people started thinking harder for a solution that reduces the risk of another school shooting happening, and still allows for right people to keep their gun, as it's their right.

Short of recalling all the guns already out there, some people call for restrictions on who can own a gun. Nonetheless, gun enthusiasts don't believe an exception to the constitutional right to bear arms should be considered, even if it will save lives.

However, while the world is fighting in fear, the students who bore witness to the tragedy are standing strong and demanding action and accountability from those of us who can do something about it. All of them acknowledge that the power to take so many lives in seconds, should be critically thought about, especially when it comes at the risk of losing children.

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