Take a stand for humanity

By Thunderworld Staff

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to take a stand for traditional American values, for all immigrants and refugees, and for humanity as a whole.

One of the main goals of the United States has been to always welcome others into our nation.

America has often been synonymous with freedom, hope, and prosperity. People immigrate here to find safety and to live "the American dream."

We are a nation of immigrants and refugees, founded by immigrants and refugees.

Highline is taking a stand for students of different backgrounds, nationalities, and faith.

The college promises to oppose changes in the immigration policy that may threaten members the diverse student body.

For those who argue that their ancestors were legal when coming to our land, those ancestors came to America when those of European descent were encouraged and non-European people were discouraged.

As a nation that preaches liberty and protection for all in the United States, this message is starting to lose meaning.

In actuality, it seems as if kindness is only offered to those who have a valid green card, or are white.

For those who argue that immigrants are stealing jobs, in the areas where authorities have cracked down on illegal immigrants, farmers are crying for workers.

Last summer, Eastern Washington farmers offered more than $14 an hour to anyone willing to work in the agriculture fields, but employees were still in short supply.

It is wrong to tell people who have been in the U.S. for most of their lives to go back where they came from.

Highline refuses to shut out students when they have come so far to find success.

Regardless if it is an institution or an individual, no one should throw people out and slam the door in their faces for trying to live the American dream.

Of course, the country may be in need of an immigration reform. The country should be able to have a level of security.

But it will not come in the form of a giant wall and ripping families apart.  

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