LatinX Summit renamed to be more inclusive

By James Jackson - Staff Reporter

This year's Latin Summit has changed its name from Latin@ to Latinx.

The summit is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 25 in Building 2. 

Since its creation, summit organizers have experimented with its title, committee member and director of the Center for leadership and Service Iesha Valencia said. 

The Spanish language is much gendered and organizers wanted to create an atmosphere that is welcoming to all, one that is less about gender and more about people, Valencia said.

In the first year, the committee decided on Latin a/o, with (a) for the feminine and (o) being the masculine. Last year the committee used Latin @. The at sign stands for neutrality.

This year the committee decided to go with LatinX, where X simply represents the unknown.

"We want people to be welcome regardless of gender and wanted to take a more inclusive approach," Valencia said.

This year's theme is Familia, Spanish for family. The summit will focus on Latin identity, culture, and heritage.

"All different types of Latin culture come together. People from all over the world," Valencia said.

This year's keynote address is by Luis Ortega: You Are my Other Me. His message is that the power of stories move people to use their power to build positive social change.

An immigrant story teller, director and founder of Story Tellers for Change, Ortega will share his story with poems and humor in an effort to illustrate the power of sharing our stories to advocate for communities.

Included in the summit are: workshops, lunch, and a closing session that includes raffle prizes.

The educational tracks for the workshops include: identity, empowerment, and cultural expression through the arts.  

The primary audience is high school students. Highline students of Latin descent are encouraged to get involved.

There is space for 100 students and you can pre-register at

Check in begins at 8 a.m. with the welcome starting at 8:30 a.m. The summit is scheduled to close at 3 p.m. for more information contact Joshua Magallanes at the Highline counseling center in Building 6.


LatinX Summit renamed to be more inclusive

This year's Latin Summit has changed its name from Latin@ to Latinx.

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