Artageous astounds audiences

By Izzy Anderson - Staff Reporter

Artrageous is a colorful combination of dancing, masterpieces, and music.

They are an artistic community of singers, artists, dancers, and musicians who take audiences on a visual and musical experience. 

Their performances are chock-full of various art forms, tributes to pop icons, audience interaction, and genres of music, all performed around paintings that are created during the shows.

The troupe themselves are largely made up of people who originated as street performers, most of the crew have now been a part of Artrageous for more than 20 years. 

They most recently performed at the Auburn Performing Arts Center on Feb. 11. This show consisted of artistic tributes to iconic figures like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Martin Luther King Jr., along with music ranging from 1970's disco to musical hits. 

The Artrageous troupe began in 1980 by members Daniel K. Moyer and Deborah B. Noble, their community is based in Tijeras, New Mexico.

They have performed more than 2,500 shows nationally and internationally, and are showing no hints of slowing down. 

"If there's one word that describes what people experience when they come, it's fun. 'We haven't seen a show like this' is another thing we hear a lot," said John DeWolf, an active member of Artrageous.

Aside from their artistic performances, they are also distinguished by their amount of audience interaction.

"We always find a way to get the audience involved," said John DeWolf, "they are the biggest wild card."

Even if they perform the same show, it will always be different since the audience is different, he said.

"It's always a successful show to watch if the audience is out of their seats, singing, dancing, and clapping with us," said Lauri DeWolf, another active member, "It's an eclectic mix of the arts."

The shows include a lot of artistic things many people have never heard of before, like paintings being made right before their eyes in just a few minutes, said John DeWolf.

 "We hope that they will have a joyful experience, be entertained and might even find the child inside of them," said Lauri DeWolf.

There are also meet-and-greets before and after their shows, and a couple items that are key to the performances are given out to the audience beforehand.

For more information about Artrageous and future dates, visit

Artageous astounds audiences

Artrageous is a colorful combination of dancing, masterpieces, and music.

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