Poor parking etiquette causing problems

By Ryan Junt - Staff Reporter

Parking at Highline to a lot of students is one of the most stressful parts of their day, and sometimes results in vehicular incidents. 

Students often park inconsiderately in the parking lots, making the already precious parking even more unusable some students say. Some drivers park crooked or on the line, taking up more than one parking spot. 

This kind of inconsiderate driving is what contributes to the already problematic parking situation, Highline Officials say. 

Public Safety blames inconsiderate drivers and improper etiquette for a large percentage of the incidents in the parking lots. 

 "Parking in the morning takes me at least 15 minutes," said student Charlie Paul. "It's the worst part of my day."

He said one thing Highline officials could do to make the parking smoother is to "make more parking."

 "There are around 2,200 parking spaces on campus," said Richard Noyer Parking Manager for Highline.

The 2,200 parking spaces include parking for students; faculty; carpool; and handicap. On average Highline sells 3,000 parking permits and 250 carpool permits each quarter plus faculty and day passes. 

There are more passes distributed each quarter then spots available which makes parking tight especially in the mornings. 

Public Safety wants students and faculty to know that there are some tips to parking to make it more efficient. 

"If students got to school sooner we might not have such a problem," said Public Safety officer Derek Dean. 

"Take your time, don't rush," he said. 

He stressed that students "should not rely on one lot. There are other lots available."

Some students say that more carpool passes should be distributed.

"I tried to get a carpool pass but they were sold out," said Reza, a student who declined to give his last name. 

"We should allow more students to carpool and not limit the passes," he said. 

Public Safety officials advised students to think about the way they leave campus and use one of the alternate routes to avoid some of the congestion. 

For example, it's generally advised to turn right when exiting the lots. Drivers leaving the South and East lots and headed for Federal Way often find less traffic by taking 16th Avenue South rather than Pacific Highway South.

Another trick for leaving those lots and heading south on I-5 is to proceed through the intersection of South 240 Street and Pacific Highway South rather than getting stranded up in the left turn lane. Heading east through the intersection and then turning left onto 30th Avenue South eventually connects to Kent-Des Moines Road and easy access to I-5. 

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