Museum of Flight showing off scale models

By Winter Dorval - Staff Reporter

Fly into the weekend with the annual Northwest Scale Modelers Show this weekend.

The two-day event will be hosted by the Museum of Flight.

The Northwest Scale Modelers club has been around for more than 20 years.

Many scale modelers are not in a club "and we try to reach out to them as well through social media and hobby shops. It's really an open show for modelers to exhibit what they've built, and everyone just has a lot of fun with it," said Tim Nelson, a member of the Northwest Scale Modelers club.

A new addition to this year's show is a six-foot long table showing a scene from Star Wars with the destruction of the Death Star, built by part of the Galaxy Hobby Science Fiction club, Nelson said.

At this event, "you will see somewhere between 1,500 to 1,800 scale models of all kinds. A lot of us build aircraft just because of the nature of Seattle and Boeing," Nelson said.

There are also people that build cars, and science fiction pieces as well, he said.

"People will be building models during the event," Nelson said.

They've gotten a routine of people showing their collections, and having a couple special displays because when they had timelines less modelers and models were at the show, he said. 

"In the past we have organized shows as a historical timeline from the dinosaurs to Star Trek kinds of things," said Nelson.

Skyway Model shop will have a take and make program, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., where kids ages 6-16 can build their own free model to take home from the kits that will be provided.

Seminars about techniques of modeling, types of paint, and the use of airbrushes will be held all weekend.

The seminars are included in the price of admission to the Museum of Flight.

"It's our way of paying back the museum back for letting us meet there," said Nelson.

The Northwest Scale Modelers Club has display cases that get updated quarterly in the Museum of Flight's lobby.

Most of the models used by the club come from plastic kits.

"Building scale models used to be viewed as something for kids, but it's changed to an adult hobby," said Nelson.

Some of the kits are made from resin.

"It's a low-cost way to make kits to sell. There's a lot of skill that goes into creating a model that is going to be sold," said Nelson.

Some people use lights, like on some of the Star Wars models.

The models they make don't operate but the details, historical background, and making them accurately are the most important to them, Nelson said.

This year there will be a special exhibit to honor the 100-year anniversary of World War I.

The Museum of Flight address is 9404 E. Marginal Way S., Seattle.

Tickets to get into the event will be $22 for adults (ages 18 to 24), $19 for Seniors (ages 65 and older), $14 for youth (ages 5 to 17), and free for children ages 4 and younger.

For tickets visit

For more information visit

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