Every gaming platform has its virtues

By Reuben Gonzales - Staff Reporter

The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest selling gaming platform to date and shows no signs of slowing down. 

The Switch is one of four main platforms competing at stores with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and personal computers for the gaming dominance.

"Each platform has their own thing to offer depending on what you want," said one employee at Best Buy in Federal Way.

Nintendo's Switch costs about $299  and comes in a variety of colors and has many options as far as controllers. The Switch is geared more toward couch cooperative play or party play, going head to head in the same room and less online.

It doesn't offer the same graphics as the others but it can go from an at-home console to handheld device fast, allowing users to take their game on the go.

It lacks storage options and third-party support for apps like Twitch, the premiere self-streaming application. 

This platform is making its money in nostalgia games and the Amiibos.

These are little action figures that can be scanned by the console and give items or costumes to the player's character.

 "I love my Switch. It makes any trip or downtime fly by and the fact I can take my game anywhere and keep my progress is awesome,"  said Kendrick Drier, a consumer at Best Buy in Federal Way.

Microsoft's Xbox One and its more powerful variants, the Xbox One S and One X, can cost upwards of $500. They offer gaming and entertainment in one package.

They also offer a game pass that gives access to 100 games for $10 a month. This includes some of their popular titles like the Halo series and Gears of War. 

Xbox has its drawbacks, like not having as many exclusive games and virtual reality capabilities. 

The controller, even though it can be designed the way consumers want, still comes with AA batteries and no rechargeable kit.

"I have both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S. If I want to play online with my friends or stream online, I use my Xbox. It is easier to do all those at once," said Jordan Wilkinson, a shopper at GameStop in Federal Way.

"I don't think anyone can really tell the difference in graphics between the two." 

Sony's PlayStation 4 and it's variants, the Pro and Slim, cost a little less than Microsoft's Xbox and offer gamers a wider range of exclusive games and more immersive single-player games with virtual reality.

However, the PlayStation 4 lacks entertainment applications and the online network can be very unstable. The controller also has a shorter power life.

"PlayStation is better because it's easy, you don't have to set up an account," said Matt Mcsweyn, a shopper at GameStop in Tukwila. 

A higher-end PC boasts powerful graphics capable of running 60 frames a second, instead of your typical 30 from consoles. 

One issue with PC gaming is the compatibility between the computer and the game. 

"One advantage over consoles is the modding community that PC Gamers have access to. Mods alone can turn an old tired game into a brand new game," said Ronald Williams, a PC enthusiast. 

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