Highline celebrates the Year of the Dog

By Izzy Anderson - Staff Reporter

Students came together last Friday to celebrate the Year of The Dog at Highline's Lunar New Year event.

The International Student Leader Council and the Vietnamese Student Association collaborated in a Lunar New Year celebration on Feb. 9.  

While the holiday does not begin until Feb. 16 this year, Highline's event was held a week early to space out ILSC events, as the Winter Dance is on Feb. 17. 

Lunar New Year is a traditionally Asian holiday that is tied to the Chinese lunar calendar, this includes 12 zodiac animals, each of which have their own unique attributes.

 These animals are the ox, tiger, rat, snake, horse, dragon, monkey, sheep, rooster, dog, and pig. The zodiac animal for 2018 is the dog.

The celebrations often include meals with families, setting off firecrackers, and giving gifts of currency in red envelopes. Lunar New Year typically lasts for 15 days. 

"About 15 to 20 members of the Vietnamese Student Association, representing both Vietnamese and Chinese culture, prepared this event," said Eva Engelhard, international student adviser for the International Student Program.

There were more than 60 Highline students in attendance, Engelhard said.

"They had a number of different stations where people could play games to earn prizes," she said.

Among the activities at the Lunar New Year event was "bầu cua cá cọp," a Vietnamese game involving gambling, dice, and a bit of luck. 

 "The highlight of the evening was a video the [Vietnamese Student Association] had prepared, where the students wished happy New Year's greetings to their families using their native languages," Engelhard said.

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