Honors students told to dive into their pursuits

By Samuel Robbins - Staff Reporter

You must take the time to look at what you're meant to be doing and dive into your purpose a former Highline employee said last week.

Noory Kim is a Highline alumnus and was previously the leadership development coordinator, she spoke at last week's Honors Colloquy.

Honors Colloquy are a series of weekly lectures open to all of the Highline community. Topics relate to annual themes relevant to student learning.

"Much of your life is dependent on time and the conflict between internal and external time," she said.

External time is everything that happens around you, ranging from your family to your world. 

Internal time is what goes on inside your head and how it feels in relation to external forces. 

"Everyone has their own internal biological clock," Kim said.

Kim instructs everyone to do the following exercise.

"Imagine a timeless space. Draw a circle. On the inside of that circle write what your inner world would look like without external forces weighing down on you," she said.

"What activities are you doing? Who is there? Is there a sense of purpose?"Kim asked.

"Time can be like your enemy," she said.

She said that everyone is ruled by four different forces:

•What society wants you to do.

"Society wants you to make money," she said.

•What you are good at.

"You will find this focus a lot in past generations, especially baby boomers. People who found what job they are good at then they do it for 30 years until they retire," she said.

•What the world needs you to do.

"Like people who became doctors because they wanted to heal the sick," she said.

•What you love to do.

"Otherwise known as the you only live once, or YOLO, lifestyle," she said.

Kim said that it's dangerous to focus on one of any four of these and that you must find a middle ground.

"A job will give you what society wants for you, money." 

"A career is to find something that society wants for you and find a way to do it while doing something you love," she said.

What you are looking to find, Kim said, is a purpose. A deeply connected thing that reaches all four forces.

"My hope is to lead you to question. Your purpose is to live out that question," she said.

Honors students told to dive into their pursuits

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