Snow day brings mixed emotions

By Brooks Schaefer - Staff Reporter

Highline students said they generally enjoyed having an unexpected snow day on Monday.

Classes were closed Monday due to significant snow in the lowland areas of Western Washington, representing one of the few times in the last decade that the college has had to cancel classes. Most classes resumed Tuesday, but only after a two-hour late start so grounds crews could remove some snow from the parking lots.

Most students didn't seem to have any problems with missing classes, or tests they had, as it gave them an extra day to do their homework and study. 

"Not having to do homework was pretty awesome," one student said. 

The only problem most students seem to have had with the snow day is that they couldn't go anywhere, as the roads were so icy. 

"I had to stay at home and take care of my kids, and I couldn't do any homework," said one student.  Eventually, she tried to drive somewhere.  "And then I got stuck in the snow." 

Students said the amount of snow where they live ranged from 2-6 inches.  Power was also out for 93,000 Puget Sound Energy customers in King County for several hours Monday morning. 

People reported anywhere from 5 inches in Burien to nearly 7 in Federal Way, and higher totals the further one traveled east into the Cascade Mountains. 

Snow activity continued to affect campus on Tuesday.  Parking lots were relatively empty as some opted not to drive, while some of those who did make it to campus made use of the snow by having a snowball fight in the courtyard outside of Building 8.  The fight was quickly broken up by Public Safety officers.

Instructors seem to have more mixed feelings on this snow day. Most seem happy that a snow day was called but don't like that they now need to condense lesson plan due to the class cancelations. 

Darin Smith, health and physical education instructor, said the hardest part is condensing the material as teachers can't get extra days. 

Smith had three classes pushed back, including one with a scheduled test.

Other professors, such as one who asked to remain anonymous, found this snow storm to be a breath of fresh air, citing their reasoning to being from LA, somewhere that doesn't get snow. The only stressful part for one professor was having to drive in the snow for the first time.  

Weather forecasters don't expect more snow here as the season heads toward spring. The weather this week is expected to be wet and somewhat cold, with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 

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Snow day brings mixed emotions

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