The city of brotherly love keeps dreaming

By Colin Phan - Super Phan

Dreams and Nightmares by Philadelphia native Meek Mill was the song that the Philadelphia Eagles ran out to in the Super Bowl, and it was the perfect description for their season.

The Eagles started their season with Super Bowl dreams. Sophomore quarterback Carson Wentz led them to an 11-2 record, earning his way into the MVP discussion and making the team look like a legit contender.

However, the nightmares began for them after Wentz tore his ACL in week 13, and was announced out for the season. Cue journeymen backup Nick Foles.

Foles once had one of the most efficient seasons in NFL history for a quarterback in 2012, throwing 27 touchdowns and two interceptions. However, his career had since deteriorated, and he had bounced around the NFL as a backup since.

With Foles in the lineup, everybody and their mother counted the Eagles out. No longer were they prohibitive favorites to make the Super Bowl, they were lucky to have made the playoffs.

But then as the playoffs hit, the Eagles began to embody a verse in Dreams and Nightmares: "Hold up wait a minute, y'all thought I was finished?"

The Eagles kept winning and winning. They dropped the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional round, then tore up the NFL's No. 1 defense in Minnesota, and earned a ticket to the Super Bowl.

But somehow, no one was convinced that the Eagles could win the Super Bowl. How could they, in the face of the NFL juggernaut that is the New England Patriot franchise?

But on Sunday, David proved not only that he could stand in the same ring with Goliath, but he could also slay him in convincing fashion. Much of the game was close, but Foles outdueled Tom Brady in a slugfest.

Time after time again, Foles shredded the Patriots' coverages, throwing-laser accurate dimes into tight pockets.

Foles finished the game with 373 passing yards, three touchdowns and one interception, as well as a touchdown grab that will go down as the biggest troll in NFL history. This performance earned him the title of Bowl MVP.

But Foles' performance alone couldn't save the Eagles from the movie-villain-esque Patriots. If you don't cut their heads off, they'll find a way to come back.

With 2:21 left on the clock down by 8, the Patriots looked poised to do just that. But then the play of the game happened.

Brady took snap from under center, and was poised to throw a strike to a wide open receiver on the sideline. But in that split second, Meek Mill spoke, using the Eagles defensive line.

"They 'gon remember me, I say remember me."

And remember we will. Defensive end Brandon Graham collapsed the pocket and forced a fumble from Brady – which was the Patriots only turnover of the game.

That play effectively ended any comeback effort the Patriots could've mustered.

It was a spectacular finish to what was an all time exciting Super Bowl. The better team deserved to win, and as a Patriots fan, I say fly eagles fly.

Congratulations to the City of Philadelphia, and free Meek Mill.

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The city of brotherly love keeps dreaming

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