Super Bowl LII decides not to get political

By Thunderworld Staff

As the Patriots and Eagles fought for their chance to win yet another Super Bowl championship, surprisingly enough, performers and commercials alike seemed to let football just stay football.

For better or for worse, there seemed to be almost no politically charged advertisements as the game progressed. Not even a single Black Lives Matter, or Time's Up reference during the halftime performance.

Notably, there were still players who chose to take a knee during the national anthem in protest. It is important to stress, that this doesn't mean that our well-paid players are disrespecting the flag or our country, but risking their jobs to shed light on the still present issues the U.S. seems to have with police brutality.

Other than that protest, there was no political references, or even a single Trump bash. Where, then, does this put us as a nation?

Well, actually right where we were Sunday, today, and probably tomorrow. Although most of these movements have created platforms for marginalized communities to have a voice, these days their some of their messages have been getting muddled with slurs on the president and opinion more than fact.

This is in no way to shame any of the movements going or people wanting to voice their concerns with our current political system. It makes sense that people are outraged by some of the policies our administration has tried to pass, and want to vocalize some of it by poking fun at the president.

However these two things commingling, has turned into confusion on all political sides, on what the movements stand for. Too many people yelling too many things is chaos.

In addition, calling your opponents names, while saying everyone deserves respect is just plain contradictory.

At any rate the world needed a reprieve from having to decipher between fact and fiction, or perspective versus reality. The Super Bowl and its commercials did this.

If the lack of a political message during this year's Super Bowl hit you negatively and you feel these issues needed to be present, then luckily you can choose not to support the organizations that neglected to share the message that needed to be shared. If you feel you needed a breath from all the political movements being ingrained in every media outlet, well, you got one.

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