Students share Valentine's stories

By Thunderword Staff

While many Highline students have had a sweet Valentine's Day in the past, some had turned sour.

Depending on the relationship, time spent on the holiday varies.

"I'm celebrating Valentine's Day with my friends," Highline student Izzy Lemmore said. "We are all getting each other a little present."

"I'm married, so we will be going out to dinner and coming home to our children afterwards," said Nicole, a student at Highline.

"My best Valentine's Day was having a singles-only sleepover with my friends," Mina Gabarda said.

In general, students have had rosy Valentine's Day experiences.

Anna Carter, a second-year student, will celebrate with her boyfriend of three years by renting a cabin and going snowboarding.

"I haven't done anything special in the recent years, so I would say back in third and fourth grade [were the best], when I got lots of candy," student Marcus Scott said.

"I'm going to spend it with my girlfriend, but on Saturday instead because we both work on Valentine's Day," Raphiel McCall said.

Others were not so lucky when it came to love.

"[I got] dumped on Valentine's Day. It was [a] one-year relationship," Highline student Robyn Mort said.

"My worst Valentine's Day experience was when I was in high school. I went out and bought flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear inside a balloon for my girlfriend", said Highline student Abel. "When I gave it to her she was upset it wasn't a pager, and broke up with me."

Student Seth Davis recalls an experience in high school where he sang to a girl who would later reject him.

"The worst Valentine's Day experience was in high school when I sang to the girl I wanted to be my valentine. I got down on one knee, and sang my heart out. She said yes of course, and told me I was her only valentine," he said.

The bliss, unfortunately, turned to diss.

"Come to find out she had five other valentines. She avoided me all day and I walked around with a big teddy bear, red velvet cupcakes, a rose, and a giant card all around the school looking stupid," he said.

Some students said it felt like an average or uneventful day, and didn't care much to celebrate it.

"It's not a big deal if the day isn't celebrated," student Tatiana Bell said.

Highline student Michael is using this holiday to uplift his mother's spirits.

"I will be taking my mother out to dinner on Valentine's Bay… My father died a few years ago and it's been a rough few years, my mother always gets extremely sad during this time of year," he said. "I try my best to make my mom a little bit happier every year."

Students also offered up words of advice for anyone looking for pointers on romance and love.

Student Marshall Neal said that Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day out of the year to show your love for others.

"It should really be year round," he said.

"Love is a two-way street," Louis said. "It's a relationship between two people, and it is more difficult to find for some, but do what makes you feel happy."

"If you really love someone you have to commit. You can't have a relationship without commitment," Noriko said.

"Love is a choice, it's followed by an emotion and it always leads to commitment," Highline student Micah Lusignan said.

Reporters Jillian Gamache, Aysha Edmonds, Perris Njenga, Reuban Gonzales, Tamara Young, and Ryan Junt contributed to this story.

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