Arcturus deadline is tomorrow

By James Jackson - Staff Reporter

The deadline for submissions to Arcturus is Feb. 3.

Created in the late 1970s, Arcturus is Highline's annual literary journal and features works by students, staff, and faculty.

The publication got its name from a star in the Boötes constellation. Arcturus is the fourth brightest star that can be seen in the night sky, said Susan Rich, Highline faculty and Arcturus adviser.  

"It has an array of cultural meanings: in Arabic, Arcturus is one of two starts called 'the uplifted one,' and in ancient Greece, Arcturus was known as the bear star. The zenith star of the Hawaiian Islands. Each time I research the name, I find another incredible definition," Rich said.

This year's theme is Northern Lights. The magazine is usually published later in Spring Quarter.

Participants are allowed to submit five items per person. You may submit five photographs or maybe one story and four poems, for example.

All selections are made by student editors through a democratic process. The editors decide what goes into the journal and all other design issues, with the faculty adviser offering only guidance when called upon, Rich said.

This quarter the editors collect and choose what submissions will be used and next quarter all the technical work happens. The editors collaborate with Visual Communications students teaming up to work on the layout, design, and production issues.

All the print work for the magazine is done on campus at Highline's print shop. It is then sent off to a bindery in Kent for the finishing touches.

New media outlets will be available for this year's submissions.

"This is the first year that submissions have gone on-line. We are in the process of creating a FB (Facebook) page and Arcturus website so that students can learn more about this journal, the journal that really belongs to all of the Highline community," Rich said.

If you would like to participate all submissions are due tomorrow and must be emailed to with subject line: Arcturus 2017. Include email and phone number with your submissions.



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