Make America respect again

By Thunderworld Staff

Racism, homophobia, and hate are still very much alive.

President-elect Donald Trump will be officially inaugurated into office tomorrow. This tradition, in a way, will legitimatize those hateful actions and words he is infamously known for.

When the election results came in this past November, a majority of the world was shocked.

How could someone who sexually harassed women become a leader of our country? This is the person the country elected – a man who publicly mocked a handicapped reporter. A man who says climate change is a Chinese hoax. A man who openly uses racial slurs with no remorse.

While it seems as though this is a nightmare unable to wake up from, people must take the responsibility upon themselves to begin an active effort to make all people feel respected.

It is up to us, as a society, to model the treatment we would like to see reflected by our government leaders.  Be the examples of love and acceptance, rather than falling into the traps of injustice.

Often times, people explain they did not vote this election because they are "just one person" and nothing could change due to one individual.

But in actuality, the one individual brave enough to show respect to another amidst a time of hate, could strike a societal change. Think of it as a chain reaction – someone does something kind to you, therefore you are likely to spread the kindness to another person and so on.

Since the election, President Obama has been a pillar of respect. Not one hateful word has come out of his mouth about Trump. On multiple occasions, he has silenced the crowd when they began to "boo" Trump's name.

If you want to see a positive outcome of this presidency, it is up to us, we the people of the United States, to make America love again.

Just because our new leader has questionable morals does not mean every person must adopt those morals, too.

Highline is one of the most diverse colleges in Washington. We pride ourselves on the vast collection of ethnicities and nationalities here.

While this is an excellent place to practice and maintain a respect for anyone and everyone, you must take that respect beyond our campus boundaries.

When you decide to take that respect into your home to teach your family, or into your daily routines as you pass by strangers on the street, then we will be making a change.

Laws could be created and rules could be enforced, but there will never be a difference until people are seen as humans, not just labels or skin colors or stereotypes.

Our democracy only works if our politics reflect the decency of our people, President Obama said.

If it collectively takes a society to show the government how to be decent, then so be it. Society should be willing to work to correct the ethical lapse that has developed over the past few months.

It is tiring to see hate filling the news, ears and hearts of America. Do not turn a blind eye to the mistreatment. Put in effort to step out of your safe bubble of similar political beliefs and do what is right for mankind – not just for the person who votes the same as you.

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