Lady T-Birds rip off three-game streak

By Jared Murphy - Staff Reporter

Highline's women's basketball has just cooled down from a hot three-game winning streak to start the new year.

The Lady Thunderbirds heated things up with three wins against Skagit Valley, 78-60, Whatcom, 70-62, and South Puget Sound College, 69-43. 

Then the Tacoma Titans. Administered a blast of cold water last Saturday topping the T-Birds, 72-67. Though Coach Daimen Crump has a small team, it is a small team that seems to fight when it matters the most.

"I absolutely love my team. We have some fighters.  We are at a disadvantage every game," Coach Crump said "We are the smallest team in the league (roster and height). We get out rebounded every game by double figures. But we still fight and do other things and sometimes we win the battle.  "I believe it is all because we truly believe in one another. We give our all because we do not want to disappoint our teammates," Crump said.

As the Highline Thunderbirds sit 1-1 in league play, they faced Grays Harbor on last night. Results were not available at press time. Coming off the three-game winning streak big for the morale of the team.

Anytime you can go on a streak it shows big things are capable of happening for the team. The Thunderbirds were not out of it by far against the Tacoma Titans.

As the Thunderbirds made a big push in the last two minutes of the game led by Aileen Kaye's 23 points. With Kaye's high scoring came Kanani Kremer's 1 rebound shy of a double double.

The Thunderbirds ended up falling short 72-67. Thunderbirds might be small on the court, but they are a team with something to prove.

"The whole team has stepped up their game and they all understand that they have to lead themselves. The motivation has to come from within, so each individual has done a great job with leading themselves. Therefore, I cannot [single] out one person," said Coach Crump.

The Thunderbirds are looking to bounce back with a win against a tough team in Grays Harbor. The Chokers are coming off a preseason 14-1 and a strong start of league play at 2-0.

"Our focus for the Gray's Harbor game is to play as a team work hard on every possession and play good basketball. I want the team to embrace the challenge and learn from the experience and have fun. That is our focus," said Coach Crump.

The Lady T-birds have a home game against Green River College at noon on Jan. 20.

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