King's work more important than ever

By Thunderworld Staff

In the remaining weeks or years left of this political turmoil we are able to get a lot more out of MLK and the message he taught, than a day off.

In fact, if we actually consider the overarching theme of his message, and compare it to the current ethical dilemmas still plaguing our society, one might reasonably conclude that we actually don't get a single day off, as the fight continues to this day.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said "This is the most important and crucial period of your life, for what you do now and what you decide now, at this age, may well determine which way your life will go. And the question is, whether you have a proper, a solid, and a sound blueprint."

His blueprint lists: dignity, worth, and somebodiness; determination of achievable excellence; and a commitment to the eternal principals of beauty, love and justice. Some of us may still be reeling from past elections, stagnant in disbelief of our current standards of justice, or even complacent in a day of rest from it all, but Dr. King tells us to keep moving.

The almost innumerable, and insistent pain of the world is ever present, in this day as it was in his. Though even while he saw mountains of prejudice, he climbed to the conclusion that we as a people can never stop moving.

In his dogmatic blueprint, he lists a deep belief in your own dignity, worth, and somebodiness. This definitely applies to this day, a day where the president is still making statements that devalue others based on their creed, gender, socio-economic status, education, and race.

A deep belief in and of oneself includes moments where our nation stands for none of the principals we ourselves hold, and still believing that we are not crazy for realizing it. That we are not wrong for voicing our hurt with the standards in which our federal government believes we, who are not richer than small countries, should be living.

That we are not wrong for believing that a woman should have the right to her own body and anything she can herself produce, that we are not wrong for seeing the rich getting richer while we barely survive as middle class or even poor, and saying something about it. That all of your ethics and values, are valid no matter what snide comments a president or his cabinet has to say about them.

Determination of achievable excellence says that we must see the impossible future we want to believe in, as clearly as we feel the pain of the present. That we must remain even more inexhaustible, than the systems in which we want to abolish.

Achievable excellence means that no matter how long it will take to fix, you welcome the time, in belief that your issue will have been resolved without a single I dotted or t crossed.

Commitment to the eternal principals of beauty, love and justice, means doing what's right solely because it is. It is about having integrity.

If you are truly unhappy with our current political system, then Dr. King asks you to move. No more excuses for you, just stepping up for your own principals of beauty, love, or justice, how you define it.

We are in a time and space where there are fellow people in the earth are in need, and with social media, we can find out just where that is. Don't feel discouraged by the sight of their pain for too long, but instead find the capacity to crawl, stand, walk, then run for justice.

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