Enrollment higher in 2018

By Tamara Young - Staff Reporter

Enrollment is up this quarter compared to Winter Quarter this time last year.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) for student enrollment is 4,374 compared to 4,120 at this time Winter Quarter of 2017.  An FTE is a standardized way to count how many full time students Highline would have if all credits were added together.  

At this point, Highline has 792 students enrolled in the basic skills classes, 502 international students and 1,389 Running Start students for winter quarter. At this time, last year, Highline had 593 basic skills students, 518 international and 1,353 Running Start students.

"Since we are still enrolling for Winter Quarter it is a bit challenging to determine what the final enrollment will look like compared to last winter," said Lorraine Odom, Associate Dean and Registrar Enrollment Services.

As the quarter progresses, the numbers of students will fluctuate as well, Odom said. Some students will drop classes, others might add, but there are still others who may choose to enter late into the enrollment process for the quarter.

It is a challenge to assess exactly how many students will complete the quarter until the official last day, she said.

Getting the classes that a student would like to take or need to take can be difficult and some students had to sign up on a waitlist hoping to get the class they wanted.

"I was on the waitlist for PE 186, but a student didn't show up the first day of class so I got in," Hiroki Tsukamoto said, a highline student.

According to the Community College Review, another factor that affects the number of students enrolled is the economy. More jobs tends to mean that there will be less students and more students means that less jobs available.

Besides enrollment challenges, parking can be a challenge for students as well. Highline has 2,200 places for students to park and those spaces fill up fast, particularly in the morning. The campus also has 210 carpool parking places and they sell 250 passes for those spots.

The only parking that is monitored is those that are on the campus itself. If a student chooses to park off campus security will not monitor those spaces.

Richard Noyer, parking enforcement manager, said that, starting Jan. 16 parking will be strictly enforced. This means that students will receive a citation for parking without a pass, not parking in the correct places, or for not properly displaying their parking pass in their vehicle.

Tickets range from $30, for parking without a pass for example, to $250 for parking in a handicapped space without the appropriate placard from the state, said Noyer.

If a student received three or more citations, they may receive the boot after a few warnings or attempts to set up a payment agreement. The boot is a metal contraption that locks the front tire of the vehicle so that it cannot be driven away. And if no effort is made to pay the tickets registration will be impossible, diplomas will not be received, and transcripts cannot be given out.

Unlike enrollment, tracking parking passes is a challenge. Anyone can pay $1 per day for parking, this includes and is not limited to the students, but also faculty who may have forgotten their pass, as well as visitors to campus.

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Club Fair next Tuesday

If you want to join a club at Highline but have questions, visit the Club Fair next Tuesday. The fair will take place in the Mt. Constance room in Building 8. The fair will occur from 11 a.m.-1:30 p.m. on Jan. 23, and will have representatives from many of the clubs on campus.

Help with Transfer Portfolio

Students who are planning on transferring to a four-year school but need help with their personal statement essay can attend a seminar on Thursday, Feb. 1. The event will take place in the MESA Center in Building 25 from 12:15-1:15 p.m. Students who want their portfolios reviewed by a representative from surrounding colleges will have that opportunity on Thursday, Feb. 8. The event will take place in the Mt. Constance room from 1:30-4 p.m. Students must register by Jan. 25. You can register in Building 6 in the Transfer Center, or online at bit.ly/tprd-wtr18.

Women's Programs giving tree brings gifts to children

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Academic Success Centers open house

The Academic Success Centers is holding an open house today from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on floor 6 of the Library. Students will be able to inquire about AANAPISI, the Math Resource Center, MESA, Puente, the Tutoring Center, Umoja, and the Writing Center. The Academic Success Centers offers help on assignments, and has tutoring services.

Enrollment higher in 2018

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